About us

It is our pleasure to present you FLEXNOLOGY- a progressive and innovative company, operating in the market of flexible and smart technology.

Our name reflects the main ambition of the company- to represent a brand of technology, but also knowledge that strives for flexibility. Why is flexibility so central for our ideology? In today’s busy era we are surrounded by technology everywhere where we go, but not only that. Technology and its products are developing everyday and new gadgets; items and goods see the light of the world each minute. It is thus very important not to stay stagnant and adopt a capability to always be able to flexibly adapt to both the new demands and supplies of technological knowledge out there and to respond to novelties and be always progressive.

FLEXNOLOGY is a brand new company, established in the year 2018. Based in the very heart of Europe- in the metropolitan city of Prague (capital of the Czech Republic), FLEXNOLOGY has been founded in order to respond to the ever-growing demand for a stable and reliable provider of new, commercial and modern high consumer products & electronics.

Despite the recent date of establishment, the team behind FLEXNOLOGY is made up of internationally based professionals with years of experience in the given field. Through previous experience in a similar field our team has now direct access to the newest and most demanded products on the market for the best competitive prices, but also managed to establish strong and stable partnerships all around Europe. Previously, our team has cooperated with companies from Germany, Croatia, Hungary, Romania and many more. These partnerships have helped us to create a great logistics network, enabling our new company to provide our clients with the most effective and strategic dispatchment of orders in the shortest possible amount of time.

Our experience in the IT market guarantees the most precise execution of all requirements of our customers.

FLEXNOLOGY comes to the Czech, but also European market with a mission to focus on e-commerce of high consumer and modern products, including: Smart house products, mobile phones, mobile phone accessories, smart devices, games, cameras, tablets, printers, televisions and much more from all the major world manufacturers. Moreover, towards the end of the year 2018, FLEXNOLOGY plans to open a physical store in the center of Prague.